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Perforated Metal Sheet

Material:Iron plate
Feature:Low cost, easy to install
Application:Building protection, Indoor decoration

Material: low carbon steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, stainless steel 304/316plate

Finish: black, zinc coating, spray painting color

Hole pattern: Round, Square, Rectangle, Cross, Diamond, Hexagonal, Slotted, Decorative type

Round holes with staggered pitch
Round holes with square pitch
Square holes with staggered pitch
Square holes with square pitch
Hexagonal holes with staggered pitch
Slotted holes with staggered pitch

Sheet thickness: 0.3mm-5mm

Hole diameter: 0.3mm to 100mm

Sheet sizes: 1mx2m, 1.2x2.4m, 1.24mx2.5m can be customized as per require

Application: can be used for a variety areas, such as filtration, furniture, shade structure, metal vents on industry, metal screens on medicine, architectural, decorative, noise control.